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Why doesn't someone offer plans for a natural gas forge? I have a commercial building so bigger lines coming into the shop. The problem with propane is moving them outside overtime I'm done using them. I talked with my city inspector and he won't allow a large refillable external propane tank which would be fine with me, but he said since natural gas is available propane isn't an option. Even the midsize tanks being outside might be a possibility, but moving them to fill is a pita. I keep reading of natural gas forges that work, but no-one shares their plans. Help a brother out.

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Assuming you have low pressure NG to your buildings, the only good option is a forced air burner.  That could be either a single port burner tube, a ribbon burner, or possibly other variants.  However, all of those I've seen allow you to control the air and the fuel gas independently.  Since that is the case you can use the same plans for a forced air (blown) burner for either propane or natural gas.  The forge body construction, lining, and coatings can also be the same for propane or natural gas.

As long as you can get the appropriate volume (pressure doesn't really matter) of gas and combine it with the proper amount of air for the forge atmosphere you want you should be able to use pretty much any blown burner plans for propane and also use them for natural gas.

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For the same reason not many designs for gun (blown) burner forges are out there, they're really easy to make or just buy. Propane is trickier it doesn't like mixing with air and will in fact self separate if given a chance. Propane is available as LPG so the tank pressure is a good constant making an induction burner reasonably easy. It just takes moderately good shop skills to do right.

Frosty The Lucky.

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