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Dillion Brian Grant

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Hello everybody, first off I have been browsing this website for a long time now, but this is my first time posting anything, what I am trying to figure out is quite a few things so just stick with me please

First off can anybody tell me what the pros and cons are of a square body forge that has the burners going down vertically

And what are the pros and cons of a round/ cylinder forge that has the burner/burners set at an angel so that the flame swirls around the forge instead of being in just one spot on the forge.

what are the main importance differences of both of these forges when knife making is concerned.

How many burners is needed to be able to make Damascus or forge welding to be more sure fire instead of just a matter of luck.

And if I have multiple burners then is it better to have a single control set up so that all of the burners work together or is it better to have a multi control setup so that they work independently.

 Y'all all know how tight money is so really I would prefer only having one forge that can be used for 

Regular forging
Forge welding Damascus
metal casting

So can you give me some ideas please and thank u.




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Most of these questions have been answered in the "forges 101" pin, the "burners 101" pin, and the "T-burners" pin. I'm sure the more experienced members will chime in soon and say something to the effect of "there is no perfect forge especially when it is your first forge". 

That being said from what I have read, a vertical round forge will serve as a better all around forge for being able to do all three things you are talking about. A single well built 3/4" naturally aspirated burner should work well for a forge built from a 20 lb propane tank.

When you say funds are tight what do you mean? There are cheaper options but you will still likely be looking at spending at least $200 on building a forge unless you are very patient and willing to look around and hunt for scraps.

Hope this helps. Also if you add your location to your profile you may be surprised at how many members are near you.

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The other thing you are likely to hear is that most multi-function tools are rarely good at all functions and frequently not very good at any of the functions.  What I'm saying is you are probably better off building a forge for forging/forge welding and a furnace/foundry for casting.  Most likely you can use the same burner for both, but unless you are using small crucibles a forge will not work well for melting, and a foundry is usually not set up well for forging.  Burner placement and orientation tend to be different for starters, but there are a few other crucial differences in construction as well. 

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