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Some recent new student's learning pieces picture heavy

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I had a student do his S hook and nails in the morning class and then come back after lunch to try making something else.  He wanted to make a candle holder, I suggested one where you flatten 1/4" sq stock at the end and spiral it to hold the candle but he didn't like that idea. So I suggested working down some black iron pipe using a swing arm fuller for the transition and then getting help striking to take down the shaft.   He ended up using the treadle hammer and had two opposing cold shuts, so I suggested doing an incised twist so it looked like he MEANT to do it that way.  Turned out very nice even if he didn't take my suggestion to intertwine them for valentines day...

As I was teaching the beginner's in the afternoon session I was happy that he was able to take what we had taught him and apply it to a different project---mainly on his own.  He did get the only burn in the classes---when he was twisting the shafts in a post vise he bumped into the tongs he had been using for hours that he had left lying nearby.  Minor burn and he will probably take to heart the lessons on cooling or leaving hot tools and stock where NOBODY can accidentally touch them.

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Apologies for misleading you, the shotgun was his grandfathers, and I am sorry to say it is actually deactivated, otherwise any guns in the UK have to be secured in approved cabinets. I thought it a good idea to show them in a working position. The barrel restraining support was used to try to avoid any accidental dislodging of the gun when it was being dusted/vacuumed by the lady of the house. If the stock end was dilodged it should just hang there witout sliding out.

The tutors objective is to make the students better than himself. Willing students are easy to help.

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