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Shipping (your) tools to Australia, plus advice please.


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To the Aussies on the forum;

We're moving over later this year, expecting to clear customs at Brisbane around mid - August. At the moment we are probably going to have a groupage shipment as we do not have enough to fill a container. I have been told that a 20' container will cost around

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G'Day Ratel10mm,

Firstly let me say " Welcome ta OZ "( yeah i's know youse ain't here yet )

Brizzy , mate , u'll MELT ... just ask Ian Lowe what it was like .

Smithin' gear ,,, well , it's like this , you bring it & it'd sell , youse could bring 100 ( decent ) anvils & u'll ave 101 people wantin' 1 . Not sure what Fly presses are goin' for over there , rare as hens teeth down here .

Why don't youse get onta Vaughan Bakerhouse ( smithing / farrier supply company in England ) & see if youse can work out a deal with em .

I'm sure the other AUSSIE'S who come on here i'll ave more ta say on whats needed .

Dale Russell

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You need to speak to Gary Cattell at anvils.co.uk I am now shooting myself in the foot but he has at least one very big anvil which is a cancelled order. He offered it to me at a price you would not believe. I really want it but can't house it for some time yet. He is a great guy and his anvils are the best I have ever used anywhere. He is also an expert at shipping and can arrange for you to get either a VAT free sale or if that is not possible due to the technicalities can get you the forms so you can reclaim the VAT once you have shipped.

He still has nightmares about the stuff he shipped to me out here but absolutely would not give up until I had the goods here and was hammering away. It cost him time and trouble such that he probably ended up making a loss on that sale! (BTW no I am not on commission).

Have you got a quote from 7 seas worldwide? They do containers and part container loads. Again I have used them and they come highly recommended. Try 0800 21 66 98 (free phone) in UK or their website. An extra quote would be free and can never hurt.

Good luck when you do move. If you get upset about not paying tax to UK government any longer let me know. Donations in used notes can be sent, via me, to Gordon Brown.

PM me if you feel the urge.

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My Vaughans here in China is a 2:2:0 so 280 pounds. It is about as good as they get. Glad you are pleased with yours. The only problem is that with sterling being so strong at present they are not cheap but in my experience I have rarely regretted investment in quality. It is usually the low grade stuff that ends up being expensive!

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Gday Ratel10mm,

Welcome to Brisbane, Say Gday when you get here.

Importing smithing tools sounds like a good idea, but I suspect you will run into import duties on them, particularly if they are new. You may get away with secondhand tools as your personal "collection". Check it out before you come, you wouldn't want to get hit with a bill greater than what you'll make.

Prices on secondhand smithing tools have been running pretty high lately, particularly on ebay.

That said, a fly press sounds like something I want :) I almost imported one from India when I was there a few years ago. I've not seen many forsale here. Large anvils are harder to get than small ones, good condition is even harder to get. You can buy new small anvils up to about 100kg easily. check out Stockmans Supplies-Farriers & Blacksmiths Specialists. Ph +61732686400 who are based in Brisbane.

Swage blocks are not very common, with almost none here in QLD, or so it seems.The village smith The Village Smith also based just out of brisbane sells one cut from 50mm plate, price was $145.

Hope this helps. Let us know what you decide to do, I may well be interested.

Brisbane, Oz.

Ps, don't belive Dale, its not too hot here, well ok it might be for you Poms, in the summer :) Consider it good practice for when you go to the hot firey place for hammering cold iron :-D Its hot in most parts of Oz in the summer, but thats what the beach is for :)

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Gday Ratel10mm, Welcome to Brisbane, Say Gday when you get here.

Thanks all.

Rusty, I'll give you a yell when we get there.
I've been there in summer before a few times. I'm told that February is worst - not tried that yet. The wife comes from Tweed Heads, so not sure if we'll end up in Brisvegas or Porpoise Spit yet.
What I do know is she wants to be close to the sea. Good with me, especially if Cudgen Creek is close enough for a morning dip.
I am, however, wishing we could have found the money to buy a property 5 years ago. :o:rolleyes:

Hmm, I've been told of the possibility of an anvil or 2 at the 105kg range for aorund
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