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Filing a twisted rope

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This is some kind of old school embellishment

It has the benefit that it is actually easier than it looks.:blink:....really:D

The sequence of explanation and the images may contain some confusion, but when You start to file You will see the whole thing comes by itself.

1. file a sample to get the feel for the move and see how it developes.
2. mark the brink with a felt pen
3. scribe a line for final depth.
4. try to file even grooves and leave ribs with about 1.5 mm in width.spare out the corner.
5. I use my finger as a guide to start a straight groove
6. after you have warmed up and feel the move, file the corner.
7. even the grooves and the ribs while filing to half depth
8. break the angle to full depth, one side first, then change position and file the other side.
carefully rounding the middle of the grooves to the outside, running up and down all the grooves.always make shure you file from 4 to 11.
ribs still should have 90 degree.
9. filing(carefully) corners with a small flat file and rounding ribs with a stripe of  a grinding belt, 150 grit works well.
10 finish grooves with small, and ribs with broad 150-240 Grit belt stripe.
11. sisal polish in twist direction.(You can polish to high mirror finish but it tends to wash out the pattern and colors less)
12. mask it with tape and grind the blade
13 ready for heat treatment.
14 after HT repeat step 10 and 11

I  do it in 3 steps: spine, butt, belly. and take a rest between the steps, while eyes and fingers start to get tired.every step takes me at least 2-3 hours.
spine and butt tending to stretch out, belly tends to tighten the pattern.You can counteract but i accept it, it makes it look more vivid and natural.















Resize of SAM_5693.JPG

Resize of SAM_5700.JPG

Resize of SAM_5709.JPG

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On 1/22/2017 at 11:00 AM, JHCC said:

 Must figure out a project to give that a try. 

Very good! I am glad to read this.

Thanks JHCC!

16 hours ago, Smoggy said:

Very, very nice work, and very good description of the procedure.

Many thanks templehound.


13 hours ago, tdaleh said:

Great  explainiation on steps than the photos to show how . Appreciate  you taking the time to show us your  method.  

My pleasure, Guys!

Thanks for Your comments!

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