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Greetings from new member!


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Greetings!, My name is Joshua and I am a 34 year old single guy from Pennsylvania. I know that it is probably a little strange but I greatly dislike being referred to as "josh". Friends call me JX.. Feel free to use it too! 

I am still newish to the world of working metal but have been doing a TON of reading and researching of the topic. Been stalking this site and others: that and reading every blacksmith book I could get my hands on for the past year or so has given me a pretty good foundation of knowledge but nothing can compare to conversing with the "old timers". Over the course of my life I have learned that this applies to any new skill one is trying to acquire. Experience is simply invaluable.

I decided to come out and participate in this site's forum over any other because I like the way (most) of the people here are respectful, kind, and open, especially to us "newbies". Thank you to all for sharing your wisdom and experience. I do have some questions/inquiries now that I am moving more and more into actually smithing and I would just like to apologize if I ask something dumb or already covered. The amount of info here is mind-boggling though and I think most new smiths are probably plagued like I was of all the misinformation you find in addition to the good stuff! 

Anyways, I look forward to becoming a member, and hopefully a contributing member lol, to your community! 

Also I would be interested in meeting any other Smiths in the Erie PA area. From what I have found on the web I very well might be the only one lol.

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