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Charles R. Stevens

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They didn't do the 65f to 10f temp change so well, and momma is a bit worse for whear. Not the first goats I've raised in the house, Indact it won't be the first time I have had a bottle between my knees and on in each hand!

Sandy is exhausted, lol. She had them piled up in bed with her warming them up on the electric bed pad, warm towels and rice socks. Little guys were cold (cold mouth no suck). I think she forgot what It was like to raise babies!.

so I just fed them, they are happy, warm and full. 



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Deb was very careful about breeding, every doe was "hand" bred we never let the bucks and does run together. Kidsicles are a bad thing. Bringing them into the house is no surprise, especially kidding this time of year.

I made up some plywood panels to clip to the ranch panels and contain the heat for them. Later I built strong shelves along the back wall of the barn 4' off the floor and 4' wide. I laid 1/2" plywood on the frame, I'm into simple where possible. We stacked hay on the shelves and tarped the space under them for a contained volume the goats could huddle under on cold nights. 

It wasn't uncommon to come out to do morning chores and find a pile of frost covered goats under the shelf with little puffs of steam coming out at random. The girls had to be poked to get out of the warm pile on REALLY cold mornings but they needed to eat and warm water. A couple times I'd roust the girls and I'd find thee Great Pyrenes mountain dog on the bottom.

About bath hot water makes a huge difference, they really suck it down and it gets them moving. About 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar goes a long way to preventing urinary calculi, especially in bucks.

Beautiful kids Charles, it brings back some darned good memories. Goats are such cool livestock, No buts about it never play head games. ;)

Frosty The Lucky.

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