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Forge rebuild: castable refractory


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Hey folks.  My propane forge has served me well, but two years of hard use have beat up the interior (kaowool with satanite coating)

I'm getting ready to cast new solid interior walls (using Kast-O-lite 30).  I'll still use kaowool to surround the Kast-O-lite casting.

My initial plan is to cast the interior all in one piece- but I'm a bit worried about how prone to cracks a 1-piece design would be.

Have any of you cast a forge interior in one piece using Kast-O-lite?  How did it hold up?  Should I cast the interior in several pieces, and/or add some metal mesh to bind things together?

I'm very interested to hear from folks that have actually done this.  Thanks!

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Check out the Build A Gas Forge attachment at www.WayneCoeArtistBlacksmith.com.  You will see that the way I like to build a gas forge will cure your problems.  It also be good to paint the interior with Plistix or Metrikote infrared reflective to increase the efficiency of your forge.  You should have no cracking, if you mix the Kast-0-Lite dry.  Cracking comes from the evaporation of the water and therefore shrinking. A dryer mix will also yield a stronger casting.

Let me know if I can help you.


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