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I need help in designing a hood and chimney

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I am new to blacksmithing/bladesmithing. I use a coal forge and know how important ventilation is; I figure on 10in. sheet metal piping for the chimney and inverted pyramid style hood to trap as much smoke as possible. I got the idea of counterweighting the hood, so I can change the hood height for optimal smoke uptake when needed, from Darrell Markewitz of the Wareham Forges, but need ideas on the best way to fix the setup. I know I need 4 ft of elevation above the apex of the roof, and 12in of space between where the smoke goes out of the chimney and the rain guard, right? I need knowledge of the best materials to use for the hoodchimney construction also I live in Lexington Ky. So if you live close or know someon who does let me know, cause I could use some advice on finding good local coal I can pick up

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There has been much discussion here at IFI concerning forge hoods and chimney setups. Do a search on it, there's a wealth of info available. Also, clue us in to your location, it is very helpful to know, there might be an experienced smith just down the road that would be willing to help.

search tems you might try: forge hood, chimney, chimmney, hood, forge design, chimney cap, etc.

the WWW might yields some info using those terms also.

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