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I Forge Iron

Project I'm probably going to regret haha

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I have been commissioned to forge some medieval heads, I've made the bodkins,  the heavy bodkins and now they want some swallow tail heads, o told them I'd try but absolutely no promises, I'm mind boggled thinking on howbto forge them.

I'm thinking they upset the stock and forged the edges then bent them out to make the socket, anyone have experience of can give a tutorial? 


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If you get a keyboard with a SCROLL key , you could have scrolled down the page a bit and seen we have an entire section  devoted to things like this, allow me to relocate this thread there for you to make it easier to find the information on arrow heads.

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There are numerous ways you can achieve this shape, the method you sujest will work but neesd some specialist tooling to support the barbs. there would also be a couple of ways to forge weld it together.

 Doing it small enough is the challenge, I woiuld start bigger and then scale down once you have a method that works.


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