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I Forge Iron

Forging for the Peasant Wagon

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From the same wonderful folks that brought us the Notre Dame hinges.....


I really enjoy seeing how all the parts and pieces come together, and it's amazing easy to break down the entire wagon so it could fit on a ship or such.  The part that boggles my mind is that they call this a "peasant" wagon.  While I certainly appreciate the decorative work, I would never have thought a peasant could afford all that nice ironwork.  The little details really stand out, and it's nice to see traditional skills being applied in a functional way.

Two things that caught my eye...   The hardened and tempered cold chisel hardy; never really thought about making one, but now I want one!  And the mild steel they're using - seeing how neatly it breaks makes me wonder what the alloy is and how it's different from the mild steel we use here in the States.  

A couple hours of good blacksmithing entertainment.....




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18 hours ago, VaughnT said:

 "in blacksmith"  HA!  Perfect way of putting it!  I usually keep the sound down real low since I can't understand the talk, but never felt like I was missing something because, like you say, I'm fluent in blacksmith. :D

I agree, perfect term. I See in Blacksmith! I found these videos easier to watch muted. Still after a little while my eyes turn my hearing off and I watch in Blacksmith. Heck I even learned a little German!

Thank you Glenn, lovely term.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Probably my favorite "episode" so far.....

While there's not much call for wagon parts nowadays, I could easily see that clip being used to hold together a forge or anvil stand that you take to demonstrations.  Or, refine it a little bit and turn it into a corkscrew.  Maybe use it as a decorative element in a table, gate, railing.....

Five minutes of good TV!



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Or could use that technique for making a stake anvil, just on a larger scale, or at least that's what came to mind while watching.


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