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Using a truck kingpin

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 Has anyone ever used a steering king pin out of a semi to make a knife/sword? I recently came about one and am curious to see if it makes a decent blade. It would definitely make a big one.

 Pretty sure it's 4320H

try researching in the knife section, you will find that 20 points of carbon will no harden.

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Maybe start out here:


When I first came around the man was already a legend. His tools were always highly sought after and always brought premium prices. You might find stuff of his on ebay but it will always be expensive especially since he's gone now.

I read an article in an old American Farriers Journal back in the early '80s written about him where he said he was making his turning hammers out of Kenworth truck kingpins. The guy was definitely a helluva hand.


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If you have a few experiment with one of them. Cut one into identical pieces, and try some different heats and quenching, then compare the results.

Try contacting a manufacturer (Kenworth, Peterbilt, Freightliner, aftermarkets) of them, and ask what they use? Many times I have had them contact me back which reduces the guessing.

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