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Just got a barrel of cable scrap so I thought I try to weld some up. learned a lot, not to shabby for my first try I'm pleased with the out come,. if any knows a good way to clean the flux out of the handle pleas let me know I tried boiling, vinegar soak wire wheel. flux used 20 mt borax.





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50 minutes ago, Biker Bo said:

I think the coffee is what I'm going try . I like the dark lines in the decarb areas. 

Idk about that.  In my experience weld temps, hardening, temper and final polish have much to say about how cable turns out.  If a cable is welded at the upper end of the temps you'll get a larger decarb zone.  If the blade isn't properly hardened or over tempered the pattern will "muddy" up.  The temperature of the ferric chloride and etch time also have a big effect.  I'll see the best etching done when the FC is over 90 deg, or basically a normal day in 'bama. 

Generally, if the blade is properly hardened the lines will usually black out.  Like I said before, there's a lot of other variables that effect the final outcome.  I haven't tried the coffee grounds yet though.

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