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biggest anvil I have seen

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........was at blacksmith supply store today.  you guys know what they look like so no pic. 

500 pound.  Probably not exact but that is the advertising weight.  $3,500.oo (7.00 /pound? )

Typically chipped corners but quite servicable. No brand name. I was informed that it looks like Trenton.  Which it does.  He collects anvils and said Trenton did not stamp name on all their anvils especially their early ones. I guess they didn't know if folks would like them so didn't want to advertise if they turned out to be junk. just my opinion,  I don't know why anyone would forge a huge anvil and not want folks to know about it.


If he doesn't sell it soon, it will be going to SOFA meet for a positive ID ......and to glote over the $7.00/pound asking price.

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You'll get a lot of responses to this thread! I also don't believe that any anvil manufacturer would have sold an anvil without a logo stamped on the side. That being said I do believe that logos weren't stamped deeply and were easily worn off of anvils that were heavily used. One of my larger anvils, a 433lb Arm and Hammer, has nearly all of the logo worn off.  I think that $7/lb is pretty unreasonable but some folks are willing to pay any amount for really big anvils so he might get what he is asking?Arm and Hammer2 438.JPG

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