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New to forum needed help anvil

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Welcome Aboard!! 

You should check the rebound on both anvils before you make up your mind. The standard process to check rebound is to drop a 1" ball bearing on the face of the anvil and see if it rounds back up to nearly the height your drop it from. Most good anvils will rebound back up above 75% of the original height. A piece of railroad rail will rebound to about 50%.

Read more of the old threads on IFI about checking the rebound.

of lesser importance, listen to the ring of the anvil. Except for fisher and vulcan anvils the there will be a clear ringing sound with no buzzing. The problem with ringing sound alone  is I have seen anvils with the top plate completely removed or replaced that had great ringing sounds.

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On 8/26/2016 at 9:14 PM, Glm said:

Hello im new to the forum im in the process of buying an Anvil i got a guy selling this Anvil 400 its a 150 lbs doesnt  know the brand..is it worth it?


The first anvil shown is definitely in better shape than the second one.  Is it worth it?  Depends on how much you want it.  The price is reasonable in today's market.

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If you want to do THIS the first anvil is better.  If you want to do THAT the second anvil is better.  The prices are OK for where I live now but a bit expensive for where I used to live.  Please take off the aluminum foil hat we're having trouble reading your mind for the details needed to answer your question properly---However NEVER buy an anvil without doing a bounce test on it!  A lot of old anvils went through shop fires and were softened.  Still usable but they should cost MUCH MUCH less than a properly hardened anvil of the same size/make/condition.

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