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A simple thing that we (300 cubscouts and about five blacksmiths) made over a weekend were candle holders. I forget what they're called ...sticking tommies?

use 5/16 round bar. flatten enough length to twice wrap around a 3/4 round bar (the candle).

Cut off leaving about 3" of the original stock and forge to a blunt point

With pliers, vice grips or tongs hold the flat to the 3/4 bar and wrap. Let the wrapping come to the end of the bar just where the flat 5/16 meets the round 5/16. Bend the 3" section over the end of the 3/4 bar. Done.

40 years ago I and my fellow reprobate students each made a poker out of 3/8 square in "Metalwork". It has an eye, a point and a decorative twist in the middle. It's still hanging in the shed. Those were the days when simple pleasures sufficed. Todays kids might want something a bit more "sick" or "cool man" :wink:

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First off consider starting with a safety program. Someone will get hurt at some point, and this way everyone knows what to do.

Second a lesson on equiptment, what it is used for and why. AND how to use it properly.

Third would be types of steel followed by types of coal, and hammer control on wood or clay.

By now you have a good handle on who can and can not handle the program, and hot iron, move into fire maintance.

After that it is square to round, round to square, drawing out, and on to the projects. There are beginning projects on IForgeIron.com > Blueprints that will lead then step-by-step through the project.

After you get a good start contact me and we can turn the lesson plan into a BP for others to use as a teaching tool.

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Mr. Smith, I will assume for the sake of arguement that you are the instructor. As has been noted, there are more projects on this website and Anvilfire than can be done in one school year. A common " S " hook or a " J " hook is pretty fast and requires a small amount of stock. The skills involved to forge these items are basic learning skills and they will put the students on the path of learning. These items can be made from common hot rolled steel and require no heat treat. One piece of stock ( 20') of your choice of size rod (1/4, 5/16, 3/8") can be cut into 4 pieces and then these pieces can be bundle cut into 10" long pieces for the hooks (power hack saw or chop saw). The last bundle will be a little short but no big deal. Not much time invested to make the stock for the students and if they burn a piece up you have some spares. This of course isn't too pricey and is condusive to cheap stock for learning. My nickels worth.

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