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Need help with cutting a screw

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Good Morning folks, 

I need to make an M6 left hand (reverse) threaded screw that will fit in a drill gearbox in place of the chuck. I have the M6 by 27mm screws that came out of the drills but it would help if I had longer screws. I have looked for the last 45 on the interwebs and other than a 10 pack of 1 meter long rods I have have not found anything that would work. The reason I don't get the rods is due to the cost, over 100.00 Pounds plus VAT plus shipping. I figure I would rather blow $10 bucks on a left hand die and give that a shot first. 

Question is what size rod stock should I start with to cut a M6 screw?


thanks in advance. 


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Well I may be wrong but I think the M6 srew means it's cut from a 6mm dia round. (An M6 nut would be a whole different thing.) Do you have metric sized stock over there? 

If everything fails I can help you out posting some screws/threaded rod pieces - I just looked up, and it's pretty sure I can get some of them in the next town. (Maybe not immediattely but still.) So just let me know...

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I think you are correct but the answer seemed to straight forward so I thought I should check!

I can order metric rod stock if need be. I found a 1 meter threaded rod that I will cut up and may need to use a die to fix any threads but we will see how it goes. 

thanks again.  

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I am not entirely sure of how long at this point, I am converting my RC lawnmower from 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel drive and making a good bit of this up as I go. The stock screw is 27mm and the best guess I have now would be no less than 2" and no more than 4". The head style is not that big a deal. I think this 1 meter long rod should cut up nicely and I have 25 stainless steel nuts on order so I can use up a few if I need to chase the threads. 

By the way, I don't know if you are looking but there a Craigslist ad from Moulton, Al posted on the Huntsville CL for a coal forge, leg vise and what the poster is calling a bridge anvil. Looks like (I think) it is a saw maker's anvil. \



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