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Freebie Given to Me !


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I'm not a leg man but I know when I an offered a good deal. This no-name brand unit was given/donated to me with broken box. A welding project saver her. I probably will never use it as I collect Columbian Bench Vises. I simply couldn't tolerate to see here damaged. 

What makes it unique to me is the fact I see alot of these in shops and the screw threads are sharp. The screw threads on this are squared off. I can only surmise that most are badly worn-out and these are not........

Never attempted a  repair such as this. I just knew the box cannot pull through when tightened and a section of 1.5 inch pipe was the same as the box O.D.  I didn't receive the broken-off end of the box.

Butch Vise 2.jpg

Butch Vise 1.jpg

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Can you show the female threads and how you fastened them to the pipe? How much thread is there, and how far can you open the jaws? I am working on the same fix as you did but I find the screw sticks out way farther than yours when closed. I am starting with a 1.5" bell reducer ground to fit into the vise with the flanged end keeping it from pulling thru, then enough pipe attached to that to contain the length of the screw, then cap at the end. For the female threads all I have is a big nut 1" thick that matches the screw which I will grind to fit inside the bell reducer then weld it in.

Edit: Now I see, you already had part of the box with the threads and you just made a new end for it, is that right? Did you weld on the key?

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