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pattern welding type

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Pretty advanced pattern welding for that knife.  Hope you have lots of experience forge welding multi layer billets.  Without a press or rolling mill I think you will be very hard pressed (no pun intended) to get the impressive level of detail and accuracy of the "W" folds in the original.  IMHO using director/striker with sledges is better suited for random and twist pattern welding, but YMMV.

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i do have experience forge welding but ive never attempted the w pattern before what i may do is forge weld the cut "chunks" in series not line all them up in a canaster and heat the whole thing.... say the billet is 6 inches long ya cut it up into 1 inch chunks my idea is the stack 3 of them up forge weld them and then  take that billet thats forged welded and stack the remaining 3 on the end and forge weld them to it that way i can guarantee all of them are welded due to me not having a power hammer. clean slag .... off the end of billet before i do the other half of course. :)  

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dumb questions (I'm new to this forum):

A "W" pattern is made by drawing out the billet with the forged layers vertical, correct?  Is the billet ever drawn out with the most recently forged layers not vertical?  Approximately what layer count would produce a knife like this?

vinny1892, how did it work out?


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