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I Forge Iron

New kid on the block.


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Just a scout leader, who does metalworking as a hobby. Been part of that since '98. Also been a part of the PM1225 railroad group since '77, and became a member of MABA in 2004. Still learning how to forge stuff to do it myself, or to teach or demonstrate to whomever wants to know. Did my first taste of "coal and hot iron" in the Owosso AnnArbor RR backshops in 1986. Been doing a little bit of hot forging ever since. It's a self-taught anger management class.
Been doing blacksmithing demos at a Detroit area council summer camp 4 years now, whenever my troop is there for the week. I have a forge I've built into my utility trailer, that doubles as a charcoal bbq, when I tent camp. I also have a 'modified' brake drum forge in the garage. Both of these use an 8" frypan as the firepot, which is cheaper to replace the a real one. The air for both are fed thru 1-1/4 pipe with shop vacs, and a light-dimmer setup for temp control. The trailer runs with a marine battery and a 400w inverter, and has been run a week at a time b4 charging. Both use donated coal from the Owosso yards. I have started a site on yahoo groups for the MB. Just teaching the next generation of Leaders.

Olde Scouter
Green Dragon Forge

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