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Is deisel available?


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I am going to Frank Turley's blacksmithing school in Santa Fe in two weeks. We will be traveling from Northeast Louisiana through Texas. The school will last three weeks so we are pulling our camper with our 3/4 ton deisel truck and only get about 10 miles to the gallon. I know- we are not going to be very eco friendly but I could not ask my husband to sit in a hotel room for three weeks while I play in the fire. Besides, this way he might have supper cooked when I get home from school :roll: I am worried we may have trouble finding fuel. Could some of you folks in Texas tell me if you are having any trouble getting diesel? I know I am going to pay through the nose, but I have been trying to get to Frank's for a long time and I am willing to pay the price. Anything you can tell me will help.


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I haven't seen any problems with Diesel here in NM.

BTW your class should bracket the SWABA meeting in Albuquerque. It's being held on Oct 22 in conjunction with another group. If he has any interest in old engines tell him to come on down!

"Annual Get Together" of antique tractors, engines and cars.
The October meeting will be held at Don Sayers residence in the Albuquerque south valley. SWABA will again participate in this event. SWABA will have an iron in the hat drawing. We will not have a pot luck for lunch, The ladies of this group always cook and sell lunches at the meeting. Be ready to buy lunch. NO beer or wine, please! This will be interesting and a family outing.
Hours are 8am to 4 pm.

Don's address is 6716 Isleta SW 87105.
Don's phone # is 550-877-8094,
his e-mail is donsayers1@aol.com


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Can not tell you how envious I am. I have had the chance to visit with Frank a few years back and see his school shop. I am certain you will have a great time.
Mebbe if I have enough time and if my arm and shoulder get back to reasonable useage I can also go to his school.

Have fun and do not worry about the cost to get there.
Remember folks like Frank are few and far between and it is up to us to get as much learnign from them as possible.

Ralph :mrgreen:

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