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No markings or numbers ID help

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Hey all, long time no post. A few years ago I bartered some stuff an anvil owner wanted on CL. There are no letters or numbers in the usual places on the anvil. There are three handling holes. It weighs 190 and rebound was 60% before wire brushing and maybe 80% after a quick clean. On both sides high on the waist there are some odd rows of lines that match with the crack/seam under the heel and horn. It rings so bad I dropped an eraser on it and it sang. Anyways, just curious if the bottom would be considered an hourglass indentation? I have two older Hay Buddens with top plates that are clearly marked on the body, so I guess I am hoping this might be another HB. Any help is appreciated, and thanks!005_2.jpg.98cfe112a1cb83cd05f67b76b62c2d719005_2.jpg.8009757d505a41d6a1979a9d006002_2.jpg.37552cac420fa1a63d4bb00e06a408003_2.thumb.jpg.d01fdca630d9c903877266ae007_2.jpg.e841112e941ee6f1b3050177b8ae65

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  No, nothing visible on the body, under the horn next to handling hole, or on the heel.


The only possible number is on the left foot. The serial number could be

 _ _ _ _ 5 or _ _ _ 5_


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Thanks for all the help. Not many anvils out here and I didn't need another, BUT in the CL ad it just 'looked' like a Hay Budden style. The guy selling it just said it was his Dad's and didn't know much about it.

The 9 on the waist seems smaller than a normal HB mark, but it could be for the 190 lbs. I dusted the whole thing and found maybe a 5 on the foot and that's it.

Kevin thanks for the pictures, do you have a shot of the other side? They sure do look alike

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