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Family anvil

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I don't know. We live in Utah.  My grandpa lived across the road from the black smiths shop.  He spent hours as a boy watching the man work. He often spoke of it. My love of tools and fixing things I learned from him. 

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If you turn your phone to the horizontal position. The pics should post straight.

Im interested in seeing the bottom of the anvil too. I'm completely clueless about them for the most part but I'm wondering what the deal with the bottom is. Looks like the entire bottom half from the waist down is gone..

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Ok. Found Mark on the side of anvil. The bottom is gone. Looks like angle steel welded to it and whole thing bolted to the stand.   Ok.  Couldn't get a clear picture. But is a diamond.  Its a Trenton. I couldn't make out what the weight was.   I lightly sanded with wd40 and steel wool but didn't wAnt alter it since it is my brothers. 

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