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Hi guys, I'm looking to start my own blacksmith shop, I already have my anvil, now I only need a forge... 

I want to build a forced air gas forge, I have access to an entire steel workshop, so building it is not the problem. I need the math for a 4 burner forge with a burner configuration of "01010100010"(0= an open space,1 = blower) 

I like this configuratuon cause then I can have very high temp on a small spot or just regular high temp throughout... 

1: will this configuration work in the way I think it will ?

2: how do I make the blowers? (I can make everything on a lathe and milling machine if nessecary)

3: what should the "math" be for the forge?

4: what will the gas consumption be per blower, per hour?

5: what can I use as refractory material, where can I accuire it ?

6: how do I assemble the whole mish-mash of parts !?

Thanks for reading, I appreciate any help you can offer.




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disappearing post problem.

Mbmul; not enough info provided to give usable answers.  Much like "I want to irrigate a field, how much water will it take and how much will it cost?"

Size of the forge, types of burners and pressures they will run at are all needed. Asking people to design your system for you is a bit much unless you are offing to pay them for their work.   Several designs currently in use have been described and using a proven design would be more sensible than trying to reinvent the wheel.  May I commend to your attention Gas Burners for Forges, Furnaces, and Kilns by Michael Porter also the website of Wayne Coe (who if you are in the USA is also a good place to get refractories)

Where can you acquire refractory Where in the world are you?  These forums have people from over 150 countries participating; unless you are willing to pay for international shipping you should indicate your general location.

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Thanks for the reply, 

Sorry that I didn't add the kinds ofburners or anything, I dig know what kind if burners even exist. I'm from south africa , the blacksmithing community here is pretty small, so I have no one that knows anything about it, I tried googling the information, but I couldn't get any solid Info ...

Thanks again 


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