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Air Curtain gas forges?


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Wayne Coe, this question is for you. In another thread the question about your forge with the air curtain came up but the couple guys who've seen it said it isn't covered on your site.

Will you please fill us in on it's details: What it does, how it works, how to make one, etc.?

Thanks, Frosty The Lucky. (and some other curious fellows)

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OK here goes:  the air curtain is simply a small squirrel cage blower mounted so that the blast goes up in the front of the forge.  I have a 2" hole cut in the center of the angle iron cradle with a 2" floor flange bolted on.  Then a short nipple threaded into the floor flange then a 2" Tee, then a short nipple with a capped end.  On the side branch the blower is attached.  I first just had the blower below the floor flange but any trash that fell down went into the blower and ruined it.  That is when I added the Tee and extension.  The extension gives a place for the trash to collect, from time to time remove the bottom nipple from the Tee to clean out the trash.  If you look at the pictures on the Build a Gas Forge attachment on the Forge Supplies page at www.WayneCoeArtistBlacksmith.com you will be able to see the small blower below the front of the forge.  That is the original and the way not to do it.

The Air Curtain blows the Dragon's Breath up and away.  Stock outside the forge, tongs, your hands and you do not get nearly as hot.  You can even keep the hair on your hands.

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