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I really like the show! My wife and I make a point to watch it every week. My two daughters also watch the show. We appreciate this type of television program in comparison to all of the garbage that has now taken a lions share of tv time.

Thanks FiF and the History Channel!

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On 9/28/2015 at 3:17 PM, Michael said:

"please elaborate on the details of the show"



Walter Sorrells was on one of the earlier shows... as a keen youtuber he made a 10min program on his experience and it fills in some of the blanks from the shows. I feel it is worth a watch :) link below:



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Older thread, but new to me. 

I have only watched a handful of episodes. What has struck me as odd about almost all of them is very few of the contestants seem to know all that much about basic blacksmithing skills. On one episode they were required to forge a blade from a large steel ball. The trick was they were given no tongs. That appeared to really stump them. In another they were to forge a blade from golf clubs and one of the guys decided to use the shafts instead of the heads. In another one of the guys picked mild steel from some scrap part instead of the high carbon parts. 

I imagine a lot of it is just nerves, but still......odd. 

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We've got a guy in our Thursday night group who came in Second on FIF. They've even invited him back to participate in a competition from the past Champions and Second Place holders.  Nice guy.  Sure knows how to make Forge Welded steels.  Nice looking patterns, too.  You ought to drive up and join us.   Tonight there were only 3 of us at the forges.  Not crowded.

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