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2CWT inslides Massey power hammer

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Hi Guys 

I have recently prurchased a 2CWT massey hammer complete with motor and anvils and have been in contact with john at massey hammers but have not been able to recontact

The Serial or manufacture No is REP 4348. It appears to be in very good order with no real apparent wear but could not be run when i brought it so is a bit of a punt but should be nothing i cant fix. I am after any info on installing my machine so i can start planing what I need and how correctly lube and run it Cheers for any help, Beaver from New Zealand 


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Welcome aboard, Beaver.

Massey are good hammers by all accounts and there's quite the following here on IFI.  They seem to be pretty popular in Australia so I'm sure one of our members from down under will chime in soon.

She looks really beautiful and I look forward to seeing videos of her running reals soon!

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Hello Phil

I was after the details of foundation construction and operating/lubrication info. I beleive that its best to have the machine mounted on top of at least 6 cu metres of concrete and I want to mount it at a better height for me as im 6 ft and I would be like a hunchback with a slipped disc in no time if i dont. It was mounted sort of cast into concrete with old railway sleepers under the anvil cast into the conc as well, I dont think it was installed correctly but still took me 6.5 hrs to free it from that concrete with a jack hammer. Cheers Beaver

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Hey Beaver

Book says foundation is 1955 long x 1220 wide x 1200 deep.  You'll have to work out the size of the recess to cast into the foundation to take the anvil yourself, as the book says nothing about that. (these dimensions are for ordinary good ground capable of holding 1.5 tons per sqr foot).  We have not ever gone for high strength concrete in hammer foundations nor have we put any reo in either (that's up to you as to whether you want reo or not).  The holding down bolts we have always installed in pockets cast into the foundation.  We make the bolts so as they are removable to facilitate placing the hammer onto the foundation, and it also allows some horizontal movement with the hammer to line the dies up.  What were you thinking of putting under the anvil?  The proper matting, timber or something else?  To lube the hammer once it is running pump grease into any bearing fitted with a grease nipple, fill the crankshaft journal oil reservoirs with oil, fill the oiler with oil and pump it into the hammer.  That's about it, we use what is called a "crosshead engine oil for our hammers (only cause we got about 5 44s of it for free).



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Have sent a PM. Mr. Forgemaster is probably the southern hemisphere's Massey expert, Mr Evans has posted some sensible advice and any info from John is gold (although I have heard that he is a bit busy at the moment). See if you can chase up some of their old threads on installing hammers.




NB: Sorry haven't got back to you Phil, the Pilkington is still awaiting work. Need to make a new lube system to replace that which is not there.....

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