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Which forge to buy?


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About three weeks ago I decided " Hey I can do this" and now I'm kinda hooked. I quickly built a little forge out of an old small weber grill,scrape pipe and a hair dryer. This lasted about a couple hours and I was off to the store and bought the stuff to build a larger rotor style forge.This works well but I have come across a couple other forges.One is a smaller rivet style forge in excellent shape. Hand crank blower is smooth to turn and is a Canedy otto blower. The second forge is a buffalo forge 02 or 02D from the old pictures I've found( I could be very wrong on the model # though). This forge is also in excellent shape. just kinda wondering which would be the better forge to use.

The little rivet style forge and blower I can get for $140

The big buffalo I can get for $200 from the same guy that I bought my 157lbs PW,post leg vise and a couple hand crank blowers from.


As I'm typing this I'm thinking the best idea might be to just buy both of them.





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The round rivet forges work real well; for smaller tasks.I have two of them and wouldn't want another but that thing with the Candey Otto Blower is cool, especially if the blower and forge are solid.

Get the larger one to use and the smaller one to look at and impress folks.

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Around here you could flip that rivet forge for a nice profit before you got home from picking it up.  I'd personally go for the bigger one because you can do a small fire in the big one but it's harder to do a large fire in the small one--just gives you more options if you have the room and can handle the extra weight.

The big one could be flipped and make money in these parts also...but it'd take an hour extra vs the small one.  Point is, from my standpoint you can't lose with either so BOTH is the correct answer....YMMV based on location, though.

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Would get them both.  Try and get them cheaper.  The rivit forge looks like it was a pump handle forge that at some time someone put the hand crank on.  The little knob with the hole in it on the side of the forge is where the handle yolk was bolted on.  Still great little forge but might help with price do to not everything being original.  Buffalo looks good too.

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