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I Forge Iron

Hello from B.C.


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Hi there guys.  I am just restarting my obsession with metal work. I have been working with various metals for years but I am relatively new to forging. I have been lurking the site for a while and it seems like a great community of guys here. If there are any members of this forum in the interior of B.C. please let me know. I am looking forward to learning and progressing as I go and hoping that I can share any success with you all.

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Hi and welcome! As you may notice I am a little further north than what is considered the interior region but as far as this forum goes we are fairly neighborly lol. Folks from all over here and all of them seem to be very good natured and eager to help , even though some can be a little prickly ;) ...I am sure by now you have read all the stickies and perused the blueprints. I am fairly new to smithin' myself and I don't think we have a guild or organization dedicated to blacksmithing on the provincial level in British Columbia. I did find the Kootenay Blacksmith's Association and the one from Van-Isle as well. If you need some links for suppliers or want to see some mind blowing pictures of member's works check out the Kootenay Blacksmith's website. BC is known as an artist's province and there are some great examples there.  Other than that I know there is at least one other person from BC active on here and maybe more will chime in if they read your thread.

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Good Morning Soup,

Doug is the President of Kootenay Blacksmith Association, send him an e-mail.

We are Vancouver Island Blacksmith Association (VIBA) near Victoria, on the Continent of Vancouver Island. Not connected to the Island some call North Hamerica!! (except by Ferry).

I know there are some Blacksmith people in the Shuswap/Salmon Arm area. Okanagan is not too far away (less than 2 days!!!!! each way!!!!!)


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