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Johnson forge for 2 - 30 packs of beer, good trade?


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I don't see a lot of good said about these but for 2 - 30 packs of beer I had to bring it home.

Last night I was talking to the guy that gave me the anvil about looking for a forge now and he mentioned 

that his brother had a propane forge he didn't want. It was under a 4 foot pile of crap in the back corner of his shop

and covered in 40 years of grime. We made a deal, loaded it up and this morning I pressure washed it and made a

fire in it for a few minutes to warm the bricks to evaporate any water. 

Is there anything I should know about it before I try and use it other than it is a fuel hog?

thanks for your help you folks seem like a good bunch.



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Where worked, they used one to heat 1" - 1.25" plate before it was bent in a press brake, laid across the opening, it took 8 to 10(?) min to get dull red. Never explored using inside to forge with. Gas hog; yes. Two 30s? Good trade imho

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I have effectively the same machine which I haven't yet run..and don't really intend to.  What you have there is 2/3 of a killer ribbon burner forge.  Re-route the air/propane mix line to a ribbon burner in a mailbox-shaped insulated enclosure that sits on top of the "trench", dropping some fire bricks into the trench to make a complete hearth.  For very little extra past what you've got, you'd have a more fuel efficient system that puts out heat like the fires of Hades.  

No, I haven't done this yet to mine...still planning.  I figured I might get lucky and have you work out all the details and discover the pitfalls for me :) 

What you paid? Heck, you could probably resell the blower portion, throwing away the rest and still come out way ahead--by the end of the day on a good day.

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I have a Johnson Appliance 122A, can't tell the difference by looks I haven't lit, ever. My thought was to pull the hard firebrick liner and replace it with insulating refractory and face it with high alumina kiln shelf and see if it'd be a less a gas hog and hit a higher temp. We had one in high school shop class and it wouldn't hit but low yellow which wasn't such a bad deal the shop teacher hated lighting a forge for many valid reasons.

I'd be happy if someone would like to come get mine.

Frosty The Lucky.

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