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  1. I just went and closed the 3 I have now and the 7 inch as you say looks to be parallel open about an inch, the 3 and 4 inch ones are parallel when closed as was the 5 inch as near as I could tell but they could be bent. I am certain that the normal work you use your vises for is not the same as mine and likely our expectations are different too. I have heard several compelling reasons folks like the post vise and I am going to put one to use and see how it works for me and my projects. thanks
  2. I have these 2 - 6" vises I use all the time, both mounted on 1 1/2 inch thick steel benches with 5 inch pipe legs. I think they are both Reed vises about 80 to 100 years old but I don't know their age for certain. I bend, beat, heat, and weld on them all of the time and have never noticed any change in their performance or function. I like that bench vises open and close while the jaws are parallel where the post vise opens in an arc and is only parallel when closed. Perhals that increases the clamping force by minimizing the contact surface, I don't know for sure. I sold the 5 inch post vise yesterday but still have a 3 inch and a 4 inch post vise if anybody needs one, I will keep the 7 inch one for now. here are a couple of the bench vises.
  3. So here is my fab table I would like to put the blue vise on, what is the best way to support the leg? The cute little vise just showed up today along with the pile of tong looking things and a couple of other goodies. The three smaller vises are going to go, does anybody here need them?
  4. Here in the next week or so I plan to get my big acorn type table out of storage and put it where I can use it again, I think I will mount the 7 inch post to that and give it a try. Is there a preferred method to support the leg? It has about a 7/8 diameter x 1 inch long peenie sticking out at the bottom that needs something substantial to go into I gather from what I am seeing here. I will try and get a couple of pics of the table later but it is basically 2 five foot square acorn tables about 7 inches thick in a single frame made of 1/2 x 6 angle with 6 legs of the same. I have shaped metal a lot of different ways but this is heading off in a bit of a tangent. I used to work for an old guy that liked to say " consider it a day lost that you didn't learn something worthwhile". and " you can't make a living working with junk tools" Thanks guys for the insights
  5. I am wondering if an insulated dome lid with a hole in 1 end would keep in the heat better and make it more efficient on fuel
  6. I don't see a lot of good said about these but for 2 - 30 packs of beer I had to bring it home. Last night I was talking to the guy that gave me the anvil about looking for a forge now and he mentioned that his brother had a propane forge he didn't want. It was under a 4 foot pile of crap in the back corner of his shop and covered in 40 years of grime. We made a deal, loaded it up and this morning I pressure washed it and made a fire in it for a few minutes to warm the bricks to evaporate any water. Is there anything I should know about it before I try and use it other than it is a fuel hog? thanks for your help you folks seem like a good bunch.
  7. I had that thought along the way too, my wife wants me to make another for her so we'll see.
  8. Howdy, my name is MarkI live near San Andreas ca I am a machinist by trade but many times I need special tooling, brackets, guards etc and I make a lot of memorial items as well as donations for fundraisersI got my start when my folks moved me out in the woods from Los Angeles, pops Had an Indian motorcycle shop and our TV didn't work up here.I can recall using a piece of round bar for an anvil and still do many times I don't have a forge, I would like to build one soon but normally I work in soft metals and use a map gas tourchI have been encouraged by members of the CBA Eden Sanders and Morgan Keton and many other folks along the wayWhat event changed your attitude about blacksmithing - my attitude changes with every challenge I cannot name a single tool that changed much but 8000 sq feet of them gives one a lot of choices from CNC mills and lathes down to the tiniest hammerThe advice would you give those starting out in blacksmithing would be that if it feels good do it and ask lots of questions as you may learn something by accidentThe advice would you give those already involved in blacksmithing, don't forget to share, even when they have that "deer in the headlights look about them"Some of the interesting things that have happened to me in my life as a blacksmith - the biggest thing for me is all the good people you meet and the ability to be more independent in my life.
  9. This gal was a xxxxxxx blacksmith and she used to write for the CBA.
  10. The one on the pallet is 7 inches wide, I think the multi-tool is looking for a new owner along with 2 of the post vises.
  11. Perhaps I will give one a try and shed myself of the other 2. I have an acorn table that is 5 feet by 10 feet and it could mount on a corner and be out of the way most of the time.
  12. It gets over 100f here every summer and after 150 years of sitting outside I have to believe any mercury left a long time ago
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