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Propane regulators


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Can y'all tell/show me what you use for your regulators? I am still in the process of building my forge and I have most of the piping done, I just need the regulator. I have been to our local Tractor Supply Center, Ace, Orchelins, AirGas, propane and propane accessory store, etc. And none of them have what I believe I need. I just feel that I need an adjustable propane regulator with gauge port with a 0-30 psi gauge on it. Needless to say, after all those stops I have not found what I feel like I need. I have found them online though.

Is that what I HAVE to have? Or are there any other suitable regulators that will work just fine?

I will be useing a 5 gallon bucket for the body with two 3/4 inch burners.

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Well I don't worry about gauges; I tune by ear and eye rather than rely on something notoriously unreliable.  And if you travel a lot the gauges tend to get damaged---I just removed the remains of a gauge (students!) and replaced it with a plug. My regulators have been mainly sourced at the flea market with ones like turkey fryer regulator, $3 as the vendor had drug it along the road damaging the brass connector to the propane tank.  I swapped that piece out with one from a junked propane grill that had a wide hole down the center.  A oxy acetylene regulator $5 rated "for all fuel gasses" (several of these over the years; the *nice* heavy ones don't travel but stay in the shop systems.)  And I do have a storeboughten red hat regulator that came with the forge we built at a propane forge building workshop.

Did any of the propane supply places have a catalog to order stuff through them?

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I don't know what to look or listen for when it comes to the burners. (I also have some hearing loss). I don't plan on traveling with my forge except from one end of my shop to the other maybe. 

I just went outside and looked and I have a Victor gauge that fits a propane tank. I think I can use that.

I don't know what a red hat regulator is.

The propane place here In town I talked to said they had a catalog, but the lady didn't remember seeing anything like what I was describing so I didn't bother looking at it.

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At our club meeting this Saturday one of the guys showed us the regulator he's using now. It's a 0-20psi high pressure reg sold at the local hardware store and a number of other places. It's intended for weed burners, engine heaters, etc. etc. and goes for around $17.00 in Alaska. I have a 0-30psi Redhat on my forge and they're going for considerably more from OUCH to you must be kidding STUPID EXPENSIVE!

Read the back of the package for the performance specs. Adjustable with a 0-20psi range is plenty enough.

Frosty The Lucky.


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