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  1. thank you steve was not sure what the correct term was so was probly searching wrong
  2. i was over at a much older excoworkers house yesterday and his wife had little candies with shapes in the center like xmas trees and oranges watermellons and it got my brain working so i looked up how they do it for candy and was wondering if anybody had succesfuly got a specific image in their pattern now i am not expecting it across the hole billet just the end of like a round bar or square i was thinking it would make for a cool end for a cane or a pommel i have seen some vids close but the al seem to be going for the side of the billett not the end
  3. i dont smile alot for pics i got some teeth issues that make me look like meth head i was on dylantin and tegretol for almost 30 years and ruined my teeth but soon i will have new top teeth we found a place that will do complete upper dentures and remove whats left in one day for less then a new car my insurance will cover the extractions hopefully then i have to pay for the new chompers it has been harder finding a place to get this done then finding a #400 anvil for $100
  4. my plan is to make a half moon shaped with the blanket on all sides with kiln shelf on the botom on top of the seam of the wool then refractory cement on all the exposed surfaces of the wool with a split metal door lined with wool that opens like french doors with a notch out of the bottom corners of then to alow handels to stick out the bottom will be 3/8 plate with the moon part being 16 gauge with a lip on the front about 2 inches down from the top with wool wraping the lip so when i close the doors its wool to wool makeing some what of a seal at top and sides of doors then having a multipe burner set up it will be about 18 inches deep with the back end closed off for now with a plan to put a door on the back later i will takes lots of pics and post once i start my orignal plan got scraped cause i had to use the pipe i had for a different project '
  5. when i search i look for 1 inch thick 24 inch wide then compare prices based on equal lenths and shipping i know the density and how many layers will affect the performance and coating it . my main concern is this isnt a name brand more expensive typ like Kaowool but possibly a chinese knock off i keep seeing the same quantity from 100 and up plus 30 to ship on most the sites. the #8 is 83 with free shipping from zorro thru walmart . i know that is a lot of product but what i dont use for forge can go on a shelf till i need it since there are people on amazon selling the same thickness and width in 31 inch lenths for $50 i can always cut it in 3 foot lenths and sell it off to make my money back more profit then selling other things and no fear of paternaty test
  6. has any one used this brand if so any thoughts on it its about half the cost but that kinda scares me cause i know you get what you pay for (ok looked little more this only #6 but they have #8 for only $83 for 24" by 25')
  7. we have a local foundry here and i have often wondered about having an anvil cast but figured it would be cost prohibitive even if i made the prototype for them to make the mold from . i will def be following you post to see how it turns out
  8. not gunna have much luck finding AIA in a libary from personel experience my local has access to the index of every libary in illinios and the only one that had it was the school libary at carbondale but i have an awsome mom inlaw i mentioned it one day while at a book store and 2 months later got it for xmas its only like 65 on amzon right now i would just go for it
  9. here's the Arm and Hammer i use when i get the chance to weighs out at #172 on a scale got good rebound and a nice ring it toned down a little when the chains were tighter but the stump is starting to split on me so i am gunna hit the scrap yard they have a 12x12x 24 peice of solid i want that would work as a nice solid mass under it but i wont get it set up till i get my garage done so i only have to move it three times i am going to copy three leg design for i-beam i saw on here till then
  10. thank you BIGGUNDOCTOR that was other part i wasnt quite getting was it seemed like a weld rod on all the vids but the bit that came with it looked a little weird compared to the set up for a arc welder honestly after asking on here i might mess with it to heat some some small scrap just to figure it out but wont go beyond that alot of sites seem to say dont do anything but straight mig welding with this welder cause the boards will go bad faster if you do and the boards are about the 1/4 of the cost of going and buying another welder so its got to last till i can save up for somthing better like a lincoln 180 duel or a hobart 210mvp
  11. thank you KRS this machine has a ton of funtions compared to the other welders i have used . it works nice . dont want trash it its got spot and stitch funtions also i might play with i got so i could weld small projects with out blowing the fuses in the house cause most of my 120 outlets only have 15 amp breakers so when i was given this one i changed the end so can plug it in behind the stove or the dryer depending where i need to work doesnt blow the breaker that way. just to be safe i had a buddy come over and weld a bunch while i was in the basement running my hand over the wireing feeling for hot spots all was good for what it is worth snapon customer service can mail the pdf for ya205b owners manual for the ya205a deluxe you have to call the minn. teck line for lincoln then they can email the pdf to you i am saying this cause it seemed when i was looking for the manual lots of forums had the question but no one ever answered if the found it and if anyone wants it on here let me know and i will post the file somehow
  12. the mig i i was given recently is a snapon ya205a earlyer today i got the manual from snappy . it explained what one of the little tools on the shelf was .it is a carbon arc rod for heating sheet metal then throwing a cold wet rag on to make it shrink while digging on the web i have found carbon arc gouging for use with an arc welder looks like a arc welder clamp with holes to blow air down at arc to blow away the puddle i am wondering if its posible to just use a metal tiped blow gun and strike an arc with one hand and blowit out with the otherhand my other thought was to screw in my attatchment with a peice of heat resistent tubing the mig tip end then run regulated shop air to the mig hose like what they show on the arcair handle. the pic is the piece i have it srews in the end like a tip you pull your wire out of the lineing then turn up voltage touch to surface pull the trigger and then back away alittle to heat up the panel i havent tried yet so not %100 sure on trying it cause if i am wrong i cant aford to replace the welder and it does an awsome job as a mig alone
  13. sorry not a horse person just know he had same horse for the entire show it was one of those tid bits encore talked bout when they had critics intro the shows and my only personal experience with a horse is trying not to get licked while digging things out of a collapsed shed on my aunts place they had a black horse that she said was a butthead and every time i would think i was safe he would sneak up lick the back of my head then turn around and walk off when i got done digging out the stuff she wanted and was safe out side the gate the old lady wouldnt stop laughing the entire time im worried about snakes and wasp and the dang horse deciding wether or not i taste good enough to take a bite of . she also had emu too that had already done its thing all over the ground around the shed not a fun day but i got my revenge later while sitting on the deck going thru the steamer trunk she pulled the tray out of i saw a big old snake and i swear yelled snake as i stood up and walked in the house but they say i dint yellit till i was behind the glass door either way i wasnt dealing with it
  14. definitely want pics of chair when done that looks nice
  15. has any one used a on /off foot switch with this kind of set up so its not always on put you piece in step on it once it stays on then when yu take it out step again and it turns off like the foot control for a christmas tree