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I'm just as interested in ribbon burners as others on this forum, but make no claim to expertise on this  subject.

However, J, Cornell recently brought up the subject, when he asked about the chances of making a naturally aspirated ribbon burner. After pointing out the claim made by knowledgeable builders that these burners not only had to be fan-blown, but that their fans must put out higher than normal pressure for these burners to "work," he directed my attention to the newest burner series featured on the Joppa Glass web sight. Joppa Glass features the equipment and knowledge of one of the most famous names in the Warm Glass movement; a man who pioneered many of the hot-work equipment  building techniques we all use on today. Furthermore, his ribbon burner heads are fed from full venturi burners, which, as Frosty will tell you, drop input pressure to the flame nozzle even further than other NA burners.

On the other hand the listed outputs on these burners make it plain that low pressure input to ribbon burner heads comes at a high price in lowered performance; there's no free lunch. So, why bring the subject up at all? The difference will matter to anyone building a miniature forge for knife making. More importantly, keeping our 'facts' straight is vital for anyone trying to design their own ribbon burner.



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The Pineridge sounds more like what I'm looking for where the Joppa burners are all called "warming" oven burners.

Thanks for the links, good head scratching info. More little mind journeys for Frosty. I'll write if I get work. :rolleyes:

Frosty The Lucky.

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Check out the Ribbon Burner attachment on the Forge Supplies at www.WayneCoeArtistBlacksmith.com.  There is lots of information about Ribbon Burners including John Emmerling's instructions for building your own burner at a fraction of the cost.  I have one and I don't see how an expensive production burner could be any better.  We should all thank John for writing this.

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