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304 Stainless wedding band!!!

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I have made right many wedding bands from stainless before , some decorative and some rather plain.
Most were for family and friends and were really appreciated ( perhaps more than store bought rings ) as they had more of a personal touch and couldnt be destingushed from store except they were from 316 L stainless.

Mike Tanner

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Me and Sarah's rings were made by Mike....pretty memorable time. We sat in the machine shop while he turned a few out. Did some test fittings until they were just right. It was really cool to have watched them get made, and by my future father-in-law. Being stainless I have less worries of it wearing thin of getting bent up like gold or silver....

...it also quieted a few of my fears of him wanting to kill me too! The guy made the wedding rings so how could he want to murder me? LOL!!!!! I will try and upload a photo of it tonite if anyone is interested.


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definitely post em. Are they just "simple" clean bands?
I fully know about the "wearing thin" thing. Mine was much thicker than my wifes when new, and it had a little ridged band around the top and bottom edges - ridged like a dime.
Now it's thinner than hers and the ridge is like that little edge on a grinder-sharpend axe.

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