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Jump on in! The water is fine.  :) I like it. Good use of the utensil handles for wings. Can get box loads at auctions and fleamarkets for cheap.  I like the ball hitch as a base and the nail for the stem. Dive in and play. I love seeing what others come up with. 

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Hey! Welcome to imagination corner! You have done well with your first go! Spark plugs are very handy and those cutlery pieces are easy to get.  I prefer to use the blades rather than the handles; easier to keep the symmetry. Just be careful welding them - some are made of strange stuff - PPE necessary. I cut one classy looking table knife yesterday and the handle was hollow and filled with SAND! Never struck that before.

The towball works well as a hefty base. Those back legs are almost human-like. Very shapely!!


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Hey! Das

ausfire, I have learned the difference between flatware and hollowware. The last hollowware handle I sawed off was filled with fiber glass. My practice is to discard the hollowware handles, they are not worth the effort. The stainless steel flatware handles are generally heavy enough to be forged without causing cold shuts (hot dog sticks).

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