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Forge design noob questions


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Good day all just joined and just started lurking today. 

I am planning on building a Forge in a piece of black stove pipe. And would like to use castable refractory cement with a layer of ceramic sheet. 

Home hardware has this imperial castable refractory cement. http://m.homehardware.ca/h5/m/en/r/hh/en/rec/index.htm/Heating-Ventilation-Cooling-Home-Comfort/Heating/Stove-Fireplace-Supp/Gaskt-Adhesve-Cement/3lb-Castable-Fireplace-Cement/_/N-2pqfZ67l/Ne-67n/Ntk-All_EN/R-I2045281?Ntt=Castable

Is this suitable for my project? 

Next question. With the casted liner do I need to coat the ceramic fiber? 

And how many cubic inches would a propane torch be good for.?


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Fireplace materials are in general not suitable for forge materials.    Hang around and READ all of the stickies and the various threads on gas forges and their burners before you start planning your forge.    The very first question you will want to answer for your self is "Exactly what do I want to do with this forge"   The second question you what to answer is: "Who lives within easy driving distance that is blacksmithing"

You need to post your location.  There are possibly people that chat here near you.  There are state and national organizations with members around the world.  One of those may be able to give you access to smiths that are using gas forges.

Oh !  Welcome to IFI

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I guess a proper introduction would help. Lol I'm in Ontario the Ottawa Valley outside petawawa. 

I'm getting into Making blades knives and swords. Doing stock removal but would like to start hammering them out. 

You can disregard my question about propane torches I'm going to build the t burner. 

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Please take Charlotte's advice and spend several hours reading through the material on here for the topics you brought up.  I can tell you from personal experience if I had found this site and spent the time to read up before I charged in like Leroy Jenkins (apologies to those who don't know that online gaming reference) I would have saved myself a lot of time, effort, and money.  There are a lot of people on here who have already done the research and made the mistakes so you don't have to, but you do have to take the time to read what they have to say.

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Welcome aboard Creature, glad to have you. Once you get to know me you'll know how much trouble I have resisting a good straight line and appreciate how hard I'm working to resist the supreme temptation of Petawawa. I mean REALLY the possibilities are endless!

To answer your question. NO that stuff is for patching your fire place or BBQ, not lining a gas forge. The label in the pic says it has a max temp of 2100f. WAY too low, that's on the low end of most anything. I tell students to put their work back in the fire when it gets that cool.

There have been a few good threads about refractory linings just recently. See you there.

Frosty The Lucky.

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