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Quenching 1075 cs sword

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unadulterated and un-chemically treated  canola oil should not be toxic .unless the user has an allergy to the oil or develops one. (canola oil was once known as rape seed oil.)      Untreated organic oils (canola, peanut, olive, etc.) will eventually go rancid. that is, oxidize. Rancid oil smells very bad, is often cloudy and should not be used again. So store the oil in air tight containers. Keeping it at low temperature also helps, & try an old chefs' trick. Put a lot of vitamin E gel capsules in it. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant, which inhibits oxidation.

Peanut oil has the highest smoke point, that is the temperature when the oil starts to smoke. And NEVER use quench old oil to fry

French fries.   SLAG.

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Not all Peanut Oil is really peanut oil.  I have friends that have gotten caught out  with Oil that flashed when frying turkeys when the temperature said it should be ok.  Suspect that it was adulterated with cotton seed oil.   

Really, the recommendations by the knifemakers  to use real quench oil are what I would follow.  The only benefit of using grocery store oils is convenience.  Since veg oils go rancid quickly when exposed to air and grow things in the long run well thought out quench tanks and purchases of commercial oil is the was to go.

That is my opinion but of course I don't make knives for anybody but my self and family. 


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