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Yes, you just did (grin)

If there is enough interest we can add a farrier section to the forum. But I would like to see some traffic in the non-blacksmithing section first to see if it is needed. Then the posts can be transferred to a new section dedicated to farriers.

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sounds good glenn!

i guess i did start a thread. I'm just so computer illiterate to realize it...
well i guess i could start of a discussion...

building a client base is something that i know i struggled with and a few others i know struggled with when they first started off as a professional farrier.

in my opinion it takes a while to do this. i have known young people trying to go out right out of school and try to work every day to make enough money to live on and support a family on...9.9 times out of 10 that won't work. it took me at least 1 year a a half to gain enough of a reputation to actually get constant work like that. because that what it's all about in this field...reputation. if you can't do good work then you won't get money for doing bad work...makes sense doesn't it!!

i would start off talking to established farriers or actually working with them taking there odd jobs they don't really have time for. or if they have a large multiple horse job help him with that so you can get done faster to move on to the next job. just talking to people and working with them is a great way to start. another great person to talk to would be a large animal vet. they deal with horses too.

above all make sure if your trying to do this for a living...make sure your work is supreme...along with making sure you actually help the horse. farrier work is only 20% shoeing the horse and making the shoes...but it's 80% knowing horse foot anatomy in order to help the horse instead of just nailing a shoe on.

any other thoughts on that??


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I may not like horses but i don't like people being cruel to them.my wife had one mare that was terriffied of getting her feet done it makes the job a lot harder esp when she was only 10hh (kids pony).I took her slow & she came good to do she just needed to know i wasn't going to flog the xxxx out of her.
Sorry this computer takes a bit of getting use to .

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Well if some farrier has gone and kicked or hit your horse with a rasp you need to ask yourself why. Did the horse kick him first or bite him or just being a puke cause you treat it like a pet instead of a horse. So if your horse stands for the farrier and is not ill mannered or spoiled it will never be kicked or hit with a rasp.

I will not shoe or trim bad horses and I tell new customers if they are not good I will leave.

I just had a Precious take me out 6 months later I am now getting back to work. I only did the horse as a favor to a good customer, this was her friends horse. Now neither one of them are customers.

But back to the main question on client list. I built my business on my work you do a great job you won't have any trouble getting work.

I have more to add but I am tired and it is late so be back in a day or two.

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i agree with Mike, if you do good work then finding client won't be a problem. in the farrier world. about 80% of the time the farrier is more interested in the well being of the horses than anything esle. unless they are in the trade jsut to make a quick buck...(which doesn't happen anyways)
so if you talk to established farriers and become friends wit them...if they have overflow work or people wanting service they jsut don't have time for...alot of times they will refer the people to you. (it's happend to me)
about working little horses...all i can say is jsut do it...they are no special tricks to working a mini. jsut get lower to the ground! but ealot of the time mini's are extreeamly timid around people. especially shetlands i used to have a shetland pony. but i got rid of her becasue i could't ever get close enough to her to even pet her. i now own a fair sized (14hh) american bay paint. red and white. about 2 years old. jsut old enough to start breaking!! i'm excited!


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I`am working with a farrier who learned under a farrier of 30 yrs of farriering and am learning alot from both. They both take time to make sure of the horses foot problems so they can correct them. They also take the time to tell me about the foot and about the horse shoe`s use (such as why some need clips etc.)

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