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My new post vise


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So here is my new to me post vise. I actually bought this last summer before I knew anything about blacksmithing. I was building a little propane forge and knew that I was going to need a vise at some point so I kept my eyes open. This is what I found.



4" jaws that close nicely. Small amount of horizontal play when closing the jaw, not enough to worry though. 41.5" tall.




Threads seem good. Opinions? I don't actually know what to look for. What should I be using for protection and lubricant? Any other care for a post vise?




Here is the only symbol or identification mark I have found so far. Any ideas?


I'll probably take it apart and clean it up at some point. I need to work on my forge and anvil first though so this will have to wait a while. I would prefer the oiled metal look to the red paint. If nothing else I'll strip the paint off.


Overall I am very happy. Well worth the $85 I paid.

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2 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

My Columbians have rather short and open back end screwboxes, they also have the non-beveled legs so at least the mounting piece and the vise is columbian; I'm wondering about the screw/screwbox though.

I think I see what you mean by a short back end. When I do some image searching I find quite a number of Colombians with a flat snub end, not the slightly longer ball end that this one has. I do also find quite a few others that have a longer tubular end that finishes with a ball. I can't see the emblem on all of them though so I can't be sure of the maker.

i even found one that looks almost identical including the red paint.

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congrats on spending only 85 on it. i think that i remember seeing the forge thats in the backround from another thread......ironman916 a very nice stand you made. oh yea, also a nice vice you have.



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