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Home anvil mounting question

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Mount it on end, it'll have a much deeper incident of rebound. It'll hit back MUCH harder. As it is it's going to flex under the hammer sucking up a LOT of energy and ring like a bell. If you welded it to the I beam  it'd be . . . O - K.

On end you have more than enough face to work with, you only need a little more than the hammer's face. You can straighten with the large flat surface by doing it vertically which will give you a better sight line to see what's happening. You're better off straightening over a wood block with a wooden mallet though.

Lastly, on end will give you a LOT of edges you can grind into useful shapes for instance: various radii to form shoulders up to fullers, various hardies, hot and butcher. You can also grind swages. See some of Charles rail anvil shapes for excellent examples.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I don't know about heavy plate anvils, but I do know this. My small  Refflinghaus anvil, 180lbs, was first mounted to a stump, strapped down hard. That Baby rang like the liberty bell on the Fourth of July! I built a large 1" plate, vertical H frame with a 1" top and bottom plate, so I could actually get my feet under the anvil if I so desired. Picture an H placed so without the top and bottom plate it would leave the H shape on the ground and the anvil base. Anyway, it shut the ring down completely. Don't know the science behind it, but the steel stand stopped the ring. And it was heavily strapped to it as well. My 500 pound reff, went straight onto steel. Doesn't ring so you notice.


A pile of chain wrapped around the waist will shut ringing down too!:D:D:D For easy fixin'!


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