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Eves & Sons 120lb London Pattern

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There's a little story to this one.  A few years ago a gentleman called me wanting to know if I could look at an anvil that was donated to the camp he worked for.  I'm no expert, but told him to bring it out.  I looked at it and didn't recognize any markings and gave him a general $ value and made him an offer.  He said he'd check with the boss.  A year later he came in to my store and I inquired about it.  He said they had thrown it out in the yard and it was laying on the ground.  I told him that made me sad.  Another year went buy and he came in again, again I inquired about the anvil.  It was still laying in the yard.  3 years later he came in and told me they were throwing it away and he was bringing it to me!

Well, turns out it's a rare jewel.  It has a clear ring and around 80% rebound. 

After a little research I think I've figured it out a little.  Thomas Eves & Son was a foundry that made everything from chains to anchors (could be why there's an anchor) from the 1830's through 1875 (that's as late an entry as I've found) in Stourbrigde, England.  From what I've found they went bankrupt in 1875.   "Anvils in America" list that he found 2 with incomplete stampings, I found two more entries of different anvils on the net.  Ironically, none are in bad shape.  I wonder if that's a coincidence or if those anvils were just that well made.  My best guess is this one is pretty late, 1870'ish.  But you guys might know better, I'm no expert.012_3.jpg009_6.jpg002_3.jpg


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Nice score James. It pains me to hear about tools going to the scrappers or worse dump. That's how I got my Lancaster Swage block, I was told to take it or it was going in the scrap bin. Good save let us know how she works.

Frosty The Lucky.

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