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Lathe dog


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I have been spying on you guys for some time now and there is a lot of good workmanship and knowledge on the site so I thought I would add a little something. Here is a dog for my lathe, it was a quicke but it turned out well. Started out with 3/4" square stock and heated and rapped it around a 1" round, pressed it flat and welded it, cut it off, drilled it out for 1/2" round for the tang and plug welded it in place, then drilled and tapped it for a 1/2" bolt. I put the tang in so the round part of the dog is swinging toward me. Then to the sand blast and paint. Some day I will make a few more.







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i am glad to see some where in the country they still have shops in school
even if the kids screw stuff up
they are still learning
i still remember my junior high metal and wood shop
then i went on to a vocational school to learn aviation mechanics
since then they offer no machin shop trade in high school or vocational school
and they wonder why manufacturing is going over seas duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
i have been a journryman machinist for 25 years and i still get great pleasure out of a
well executed job

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oh by the way ,
that is a very nice lathe dog , do you have a job between centers in mind or are you just making tools for something that comes down the pike , either is ok
can't have enough lathe accessories
I had a job between centers and I tacked a few pieces together to get me by and when I had some time I made this one.
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Very nice looking dog. Remember you are using this on what is considered a precise machine. When looking at a stock dog, the main difference between it and yours is, it has a counter balance. You don't want to cause undue wear on your headstock bearings. Very nice job of fabrication though.


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