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  1. Fast and easy way to square frames and uprights. Just as Arftists said pipe does not have to be perfectly square, if fact if it is you still will have to use the hinge method unless you can clamp the pipe securely. On the frame tack and measure corner to corner.
  2. Digr

    carriage stop

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I started with a plan to make a block to lock on the ways and cut it in half and make a stop and a indicator holder but half way threw I decided to make one do both. Now I can bring my carriage into position then lock the stop in place then swing the indicator out of the way or take it off.
  3. Digr

    before and after

    Great job you gotta like those old machines.
  4. Digr


    Oh Oh !!!!!
  5. Digr


    Thanks I wanted the V but the only way I could figure to have done it on the lathe was to have set up a milling attachment and have two separate pads on each jaw and milled a 45 on one end. :mad:
  6. Digr


    I built a hand tapper and found that my drill press vise was a bit big so I built this one using the lathe.
  7. Digr

    Lathe dog

    I had a job between centers and I tacked a few pieces together to get me by and when I had some time I made this one.
  8. Digr

    Lathe dog

    I have been spying on you guys for some time now and there is a lot of good workmanship and knowledge on the site so I thought I would add a little something. Here is a dog for my lathe, it was a quicke but it turned out well. Started out with 3/4" square stock and heated and rapped it around a 1" round, pressed it flat and welded it, cut it off, drilled it out for 1/2" round for the tang and plug welded it in place, then drilled and tapped it for a 1/2" bolt. I put the tang in so the round part of the dog is swinging toward me. Then to the sand blast and paint. Some day I will make a few mor
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