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WVO Forge Run

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I just tested out my wvo forge, and it works beautifully. It used about a quart of old canola oil in about an hour, and can get up to bright yellow heats with ease. With it, I can work several pieces in the forge at once as well. Only drawback is that it is rather loud.
Just figured I'd post about it,
Merry Being,

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Here's a pikkie of the forge right before the run, it don't look too different, except that the metal is now matte black around the holes. I need to plug up the area around the burner, unburnt oil vapor was coming through it, at varying rates.

It also has a slide-choke on the T-coupling, to manage the air, though I have just kept the air on full blast and just monitored the oil with the needle valve.


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Well, backyardmetalcasting.com has a lot about separate body burners for foundries, they get hot enough, so I figured, why not try, but have air and oil burn completely in one chamber, so that there wouldn't be any heat lost, nor would there be the fiddliness of a huge separate body insulated burner to hook up to the foundry, a whole lot more compact.

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Gday Archie

Thanks for sharing.

How do you light your burner? Do you have to pre-heat the chamber to get it going? Did you buy the needle valve new or did you salvage it from somewhere and if you did, what sort of machine did it come from?(so those who would want to make a burner like yours know where to look). What sort of shut down procedure do you use?

Questions, questions.... they never cease...

Brisbane, Oz.

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pikkies of the forge at work. Yesterday (the picture day) I almost-finished some fancy candle sticks, and I knocked out a drive hook and a little s-hook for my room both in 5 minutes. Uses a little more than a gallon in 3 hours, on full blast, which is really efficient.
Overall, its beautiful though loud (hearing protection earmuffs). I get yellow heats really quickly (less than a minute for up to 1/2 inch square stock) and can work up to 4 pieces at a time. Also, the heat is always constant and I don't have to worry about hollow fires, it's a very predictable and easy to use forge. woohoo!
(also, I finished my college applications, so can now forge on saturdays)
Merry being,



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