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Mig Wire rust?

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Recently I had feed problems with my Miller 250. The nearly empty roll of copper coated wire had slight surface rust. A new roll of wire cured the problem. But the question is: Is there anything that could be sprayed on the new roll to avoid a repeat and loss of a new #33 roll of wire? Would WD40 ruin the weld or foul the liner? I've never had this problem before but about a month ago I had wet the dirt floor for compaction and I believe the added moisture was the cause. The dirt is still releasing moisture.
Thanks .. Matt

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Thanks All, JK I like the light bulb idea. Will give it a try. At least until the moisture stabilizes in the shop. Would be easy to just lay a drop light in the wire compartment. Hesitant to spray anything on the wire for fear of contaminating the weld. I do use those small round felt tricks that clip on the wire as it feeds out.

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Although I don't have the years of experience that Jeremy, Junior or Dodge have, my best luck has been with felt wipers and juice from the can. I HAVE used paper towel, scotchbrite or felt with an alligator clip but they seem to let the nasties on the roller and on into the liner. Pulling the liner and giving a bath with some brake parts cleaner will do wonders . Liner housing is sorta like bicycle or choke cable housing ( of some types ). Look at the gun end of the lead and you will see what is making it through from the rollers. There IS a difference in wire. Thanks to Junior I now use Hobart wire exclusively. Merry Christmas folks. The light bulb trick might be just the ticket Jeremy, thanks.

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