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first tomahawk!

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alright so this weekend i figured id try and make my dad a spike hawk since he has been asking me to make him one. i shoulda took more pics as i was going but owell. i started with a bracket from a chair that was about 1/4x2 inch and maybe 11 inches long. i made a bowtie shape then folded it over and welded the back half to make the spike then welded the front partially and added a piece of leafspring for the bit.

im pretty happy with how this turned out, just gotta make a handle, had it mounted on a temporary handle to test it out and was very pleased with how it turned out. holds and endge really well and didnt chip at all while i was using it


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thanks, and heres a pic of the eye, i think i made more of an axe drift rather than a tomahawk drift but it seems like it should work. i had some trouble getting the weld to stick in the spike (where it meets with the eye) so i ended up arc welding it. guess we will see how it holds up. if anyone has any tips on the welding please share lol. this is also the first bit of forge welding ive done for a project that i actually finished.


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nope, no pumpkin slaughter yet :(, just wedged it onto a sledge hammer handle to try it out and rough out a handle blank (and of course test the spike on some wood :D ). unfortunatly i got side tract from the handle today, had to drop the rack and pinion out of my dads truck. hopefully i can get that fixed this week and then return to handle making. then i guess im gunna have to fire up the forge and make another one for me, i can see these being really addictive to make haha. 

ive never had the pleasure of working with something that has a HC bit in a mild body, was really cool being able to see and feel the difference between the two metals when i was grinding on it.

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Mark, good job on your first hawk. Here are what tips I can offer on welding:

1) Keep your fire clean. Keep the clinkers picked out.

2)  Keep plenty of coke handy to poke down in the bottom of the fire as it burns out quick at welding heat. Keep fuel under your work.

3) I like to bring the work up to a dull red and wire brush. The scale will show up as dark spots and is easily removed with the brush. Then I flux with borax and go back to fire and gradually bring it up to welding heat.

4) Use wrought iron if you can find it. It forge welds so much easier than steel, but of course you have to add steel for cutting bit.


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