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pedestal power.


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Credit for this goes to Thumper68 over on weldingweb who posted this up. I thought it was an excellent idea for someone designing a shop and who uses pedestal mounted tools. He's using a vise, but my 1st thought was this would be perfect for a pedestal mounted 2" belt grinder or buffer.


I was thinking that with a bit of planning it would be possible to put boxes in the floor before the pour, sort of like Frosty's Gozintas rather than simple conduit. That would give you multiple possibilities later if need be. You could later pull additional wires and set up new pedestal locations if the boxes were linked with conduit in runs.










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That's gotta be one of the nicest pedestals I've seen, it even has plugintas. I'm afraid I about topped out pre-planning shop layout with the 4' grid gozinta system.

Makes me wonder about running extension cords through my sub-floor exhaust system. It'd be easy enough to fish a cord through but I have to wonder if it's more likely to damage the cords.

Nice power pedestal, very nicely done.

Frosty The Lucky.

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It'd be pretty hard pulling Romex, it's pretty stiff to make some of the corners. Running a cord through the downdraft exhaust was just one of my many random thoughts. I'll probably go with the overhead recoil electric when I start messing with it again.

Real wiring would be sweet though. <sigh>

Frosty The Lucky.

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Hmmm, if pulling Romex would be hard, that leaves out BX/MC that would have been my one suggestion. That or liquidtite flex conduit. I'm not sure if your ducting could be considered a "chase". If so you might simply be able to get away with regular THHN stranded, if you could manage to pull it without chafing the insulation. SO cord would be as flexible as an extension cord without that heavy plug on the end that might hang up when pulling.

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