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Step Back in Time Weekend - Blacksmithing at the Cooperstown Farmer's Museum

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Just in case anyone was in the area, the Cooperstown Farmer's Museum is hosting it's annual Blacksmithing event this weekend.
Lots of great smiths gather to talk iron and pound steel.
This is where I got my start in Blacksmithing,  It's a nice drive and there's plenty to do in town. (and the Baseball hall of fame of course!)


Here's the link: http://www.farmersmuseum.org/Blacksmithing-Weekend

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place I work @ does that. Advertises what I will be doing that weekend during a festival. I think it funny; Folks show up real early and ask what I am making. "a fire" I say. But the ad says I will be making tools etc. so folks wanna know what I am making and want to watch. Watch me make a pair of tongs(????).....................ok....................have a seat and hope you packed your lunch. Forging a nail header etc. (this is real time not YouTube here.

If they do, by some strange coincidence, catch me making a tool, I am asked if it is a horse shoe............... 

Most times folks have questions and so I make very little as I am answering questions like ;

how heavy is the anvil (which they call the forge). What for fuel are you burning? Do you worry about toxic fumes? Are you concerned about black lung disease ? Where is your horse? (I drive a pickup truck, thank you) You burn yourself? Do you make swords (!!!!?????)


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The very questions they ask identifies their ignorance of the subject. I suspect that every visitor you have at your shop, leaves at least a little wiser. As a tutor, I wish I could have claimed  that for every class.and if you manage to make a nail header along the way......Bonus!

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