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  I am working on a post about all the different types of wax coating and giving a review of them. Can someone give me any tips on making a research project like this? Glenn gave me some real good tips but he said to ask you guys because more people from diferent areas means more ideas. Also if you have any kind of wax you think would be good for me to test, I will try my best to purchase or make it and try it out. I have the stuff for the classic mix, penetrol, floor wax, wax based floor wax, trewax, shoe cream, paraffin wax, and bees wax. I was wondering if any of you know where to buy bowling alley wax and gliders wax? Any other wax suggestions will be taken into consideration and may be added over time to the post depending on price.

  Thanks and I am gonna try my best and work really hard to make this something really good! Might not come out real soon because I need to focus on school work too.



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Well the general factors like ease of sourcing, ease of mixing up a batch---if needed, ease of use and cost along with how it looks over time and then the kicker how protective it is.

That will probably take several set ups: (dry interior, damp interior---like bathrooms, protected and un protected exteriors, etc) and time or accelerated aging (for example: warmth, salt spray, UV will accelerate the testing of exterior samples.)  And of course good experimental design requires a number of samples undergoing the same conditions.

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Renaissance wax has the advantage over bees wax derivatives in that it has no organic matter which can break down and form acids which can corrode the substrate. The most obvious advantage though is that it has a higher melting point which means that it does not become sticky when handled or at domestic room temperatures and therefore does not attract dust.

There are a number that of threads on here about waxes so you could.do a search. In one of them I posted the recipe for Rennaissance Wax. 


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